Naomi trained as a sports massage therapist at the Australian College of Natural Therapies in Remedial Massage and Integrated Body Therapies. She returned to work in Singapore in 2008 as a remedial sports massage therapist in a sports medicine setting.

Her unconventional path began with dance and competitive swimming through her formative years, which allowed her to develope an intrinsic appreciation for movement and an intuitive empathy for the body along the way.

So it was no surprise when in later years, Naomi discovered Pilates, which led to certification as a gyrotonic instructor; while personal interest compelled her to explore palliative and rehabilitative care, ultimately introducing her to massage therapy.

Drawing from a repertoire that includes myofascial release, muscle energy technique, and trigger point therapy, Naomi applies specific remedial work appropriate to individual patient needs. This allows her to seek out and unwind patterns of strain in the fascial and muscular system; thereby easing chronic pain, restoring function and enhancing mobility.

Driven by her interest in rehabilitative work, she continues to evolve and often attends courses overseas as a way of deepening her understanding of whole-body postural patterns and dysfunction. Her abiding interest in massage will remain a strong passion for her as she continues with her pursuits in therapeutic bodywork.