Sports Massage

This is what you get when you don't go to the correct therapist.

My first sports massage with a sports massage studio at IRAS was an excruciating experience. Cheap tho. $30 for an hour.

Subsequent ones with Physio Solutions were good, to the point of great. Expensive tho, $80 per hr, But very very good. Went in with prolonged ache on the heel, left with no ache. Even better than foot reflexology because sometimes, the ache is not only localised, but is due to other muscles being tight, hence creating stress on the heel.

I also like the therapists at Physio Solutions. Besides having loads of current experience with sportspeople, they are also knowledgeable and fun to talk to. And very angmo pai also. There’s a therapist there that (I SWEAR) sounds and looks like Ah Ma from PCK.

My fav. thing about Physio Solutions is their one and only Physiotherapist Gino Ng. A SEA games triathlete, now retired, he never fails to answer my smses… and gave me very gd advice for the road bike. PLUS, he taught me how to run injury free.